Leisure Time Tips in the Surrounding Region

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The Wild and Romantic Monbachtal

Discover real, unspoiled nature during a hike through the nature reserve Monbachtal.

With a little luck you can see the very rare kingfisher. The ravine of the Monbachtal is a great experience: sparkling brooks burble along long valleys and spread along rich green water meadows. Take a deep breath while enjoying the sun -lost in thoughts- and listen to the voices of the forest: that is the romantic Monbachtal in Bad Liebenzell.

Furthermore, there are a new “GoDi”-golf facility and the Rudolf-Hermann-hut and a team parkour with high and low wire elements.


Adventure Tours with Horse-Drawn Carriages in Bieselsberg or Möttlingen

Discover with all your sense a unique natural idyll and take part of a really special guided tour with a romantic horse-drawn carriage. Let a black forest guide, a certified nature and region guide of the nature park “Schwarzwald Mitte/Nord” take you back to former times in small carriages for max. eight persons.

Be part of a journey in an informal atmosphere back to former times. Listen to the soft sound of the horses’ clopping and discover the legends and secrets of the region’s small villages.


Monastery Hirsau

The ancient Benedictine monastery St. Peter and Paul was the most important German reform monastery north of the Alps during the monastery movement of Cluny during the 11. and 12. centuries and got destroyed during the War of Palatine Succession 1962 by French troops. The constructional-historical highly important ruins contain relicts of different architectural styles: the Romanic columnar basilica which was once the biggest Romanic church of South-West-Germany, the Gothic cloister, the late Gothic Lady chapel and the ruin of a Renaissance château.

Nowadays in the summer, the monastery complex is the venue of the “Calwer Klostersommer” event, of the concerts of the “Aurelius Sängerknaben” and of other events.


The Hermann-Hesse-town

According to the town’s most famoust son, Calw calls itself proudly the Hermann-Hesse-town. Once arrived, the „black-forest-town“-experience starts. You can discover small streets, stairs, half-timbered houses, museums and monuments only a few steps away from the black forest.

Shopping, relaxing and culture belong to each other when visiting Calw.

Small boutiques, galleries, sidewalk cafes and pubs fit harmonically into the historical masonry and half-timbered houses of Calw’s old town creating a very special atmosphere.


Weil der Stadt

The former free city Weil der Stadt is a great destination for a (half-) day trip due to its imposing church St. Peter and Paul and the well preserved town wall.

Weil der Stadt is popular for being the place of birth of the well-known astronomer and mathematician Johannes Kepler (1571 – 1630) as well as of the reformer Johannes Brenz (1499 – 1570) and as carnival stronghold. The carnival as it is celebrated in Weil der Stadt is a combination of the Rhenish and of the Alemannic carnival. The carnival parade attracts thousands of visitors every year.



The small villages Altbulach, Liebelsberg, Martinsmoos and Oberhaugstett are worth seeing due to their churches and their rural characteristics. Neubulach itself grew out of a miner village to a town during the heyday of mining.

Half-timbered houses and small streets invite you to a walk through the small town. In the Black Forest Minerals Exhibition in the bailiwick located on the market place you can see beautiful finds of berg-crystals and minerals mined in the silver mine.

The “Hella-Glück-Stollen” in the historical silver mine is opened to visitors from April to November daily from 10:00 to 16:00. Guides will lead you through the educational trail, the batman trail and to other interesting places of the mine to give you a good overview about the workplace of miners.


Gold-town Pforzheim

Since more than 240 years, Pforzheim –the gold-town- is still the center of the German jewelry and watch industry. Visitors from all over the world come to the “Gold-town” to gaze the beautiful, traditional trade.

In the unique jewelry museum located in the “Reuchlinhaus” more than 2000 original pieces from five millenniums are exhibited.

Another highlight of the gold-town is the “jewelry-worlds”-mall. This shopping center is the only one in whole Europe where you can find all types of jewelries on more than 4000 square meters.


State Capital Stuttgart

Surrounded by forests and hills, softly embedded into one of Germany’s biggest viniculture regions, the state capital of Baden-Wurttemberg is a popular destination for day-trips.

Due to the many possibilities to pass your day in Stuttgart, the city is loved by the older as well as by the younger visitors. The zoological-botanical garden called “Wilhelma” with more than 10,000 types of plants and animals, the spectacular Mercedes-Benz-Museum exhibiting on 17.000qm the long, successful history of the brand and the Art Museum Stuttgart convincing with its architectural elegance and its high-class art collection.

Cozy shopping passages invite to stay a while, the famous “Königsstraße” with its plenty stores and boutiques is a real paradise for shopping-fans. The market hall with all the specialty- and gourmet-stands is definitely worth seeing it.